Friday, April 12, 2013

ArtSpace @ Kitely Plaza by Mat Mahogany

Kitely Worlds is a virtual world that has been online since 2010. It runs on the opensim platform and will be enabling hypergrid later this year. Many Kitely residents got together and built the 4-sim Kitely Plaza as a place for new and old residents to meet up and exchange ideas and network. The plaza features 12 themed shopping, venue and meeting areas.

But the hidden gem is the half-sim gallery district located behind the big city, in a world all of its own.

Mat Mahogany, an experienced opensim role play and steam punk builder, created an immersive and quaint area with cobblestone streets, outdoor cafe areas and tall gallery spaces for visitors to enjoy.

Exhibitors and curators from every world are always welcome. Please drop by and enjoy a stroll through the plaza located at

Artists and curators interested in showing in Kitely Plaza Gallery District please contact bladyblue Bommerang at